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Saturday, January 21, 2006

24 hours with 2.4 pun intended - Wi-fi (802.11b/g) Bluetooth. Its wireless world out here

It just occurred to me that my life actually revolves around the free ISM 2.4 GHz frequency band. At home I have a D-link 802.11g (a.k.a Wi-fi) router which I use to split my internet connection. The router enables me to use my Pocket PC which I use to browse the internet when I feel too lazy to walk to my desktop which also has a 802.11g wireless card in it. I also use the Pocket PC as a wireless media player and stream my entire Media player (using Windows Media encoder) connection to my Sony hi-fi system and as I already said in a previous blog entry I actually blog from my pocket pc. My home wireless network also allows me to sync my pocket pc with my desktop over wi-fi. I also stream my Cable connection so I can watch TV using my pocket pc ( or any where I am) and stream my webcam output so I can check who is in my room if I want to find out whats going from the living room or my room mates room.
My desktop pc has a Bluetooth USB adapter and hence I also share the desktop internet connection to my Nokia 3650 phone (yeah I know its an old phone but its got all I need) It runs Symbian OS so I can download tons of mobile application on it. So I down loaded Opera ( a mobile internet browser) and I can browse the internet over bluetooth since my bluetooth adapter + pc combo acts as a Bluetooth access point and so I can share my pictures and videos from my phone quickly much better that using good old line-of-sight infrared. I also downloaded the bemused player which allows you to control your Windows Media player or Win amp wirelessly. So from anywhere in my house I can select a playlist on my media player and play any mp3 in my library. The coolest part of bemused is also the fact you can use it to control power point, so I use my phone for presentation too to advance through the slides when delivering presentations. I saved myself $60 + tax I would have sent on the Keyspan presentation remote control I also have control freak on my phone. Control freak actually does the same thing as Bemused player but also has an additional function that you enables you view your desktop screen on your phone and so I can actually be anywhere in my house and view whats being displayed on my monitor and even run any program on my desktop computer.I use VOIP to make my calls (Primus $29.99 unlimited calls to anywhere in US and Canada if you sign up don't forget to include my phone number in the referral box 250-412-4594 for the tell-a-friend thingy) and my VOIP router allows me to connect a regular telephone handset to it but as you might already have guessed I use a 2.4 GHz cordless phone (in fact the newer ones run on 5.x GHz and hence have better range)
I drive everywhere in lil' Victoria and in other to get around quickly. I have a Bluetooth GPS receiver. I love to hear my pocket pc speak with its computer generated voice and help me navigate to any destination in North America.. I connect the Bluetooth GPS receiver wireless to my pocket pc and after getting a satellite fix with the 16 GPS satellite out in space . I then run Mapopolis on my pocket pc and type in my destination and this gives me detailed turn-by-turn instructions and even warns me when I am going too fast. As you would also expect I have a Bluetooth headset which I connect to my Bluetooth enabled cell phone before hitting the road.
University of Victoria is one of the first schools to implement university-wide free wi-fi (how sweet it would be to city wide wi-fi in Victoria or whatever city I end up in when I am done with school). All those cities with city - wide wi-fi are so lucky and I have no love for all telcos and cable companies that are preventing it from spreading everywhere in North America. As soon as I get to school I can connect free-of charge to the internet although the signal strength varies from point to point across campus. You can still get fairly good reception. In my lab we have an Apple air-port so that we don't have to rely on the school wi-fi network since reception inside building is pretty bad (Faculty of Engineering too has its own wireless networks but u know the stronger the signal the better esp. if u want to use Skype for pocket pc (I use my pocket pc for Wi-VOIP calssl and save tons of money..
My Dell axim pocket pc is the best handheld or portable device in the world and it was a gift from a friend and I got it off eBay (I have sold 8 items on eBay now in 3 days my feedback score is now double digits with a yellow star : ) and I got it as gift from a really special person. It even has VGA-out so I can connect it to a monitor or projector. I connect to the Apple air-port in my lab when I want to VNC to my home computer or sync with my desktop or watch television being streamed from my Hauppauge TV tuner card installed on my desktop I also synchronize my pocket pc with Activesync over the internet to get the latest news using Avantgo , get my latest podcasts from iTunes on my desktop, or synchronize my calendar in Microsoft outlook or just check my emails. My dell axim x50v pocket pc. runs Windows Mobile 2003 and I would only upgrade when push email is fully implemented in the new Windows Mobile 5.0 then it would obviously be a blackberry killer I also get my RSS feeds on my pocket pc, in fact if you subscribe to RSS feeds on my blog you would be updated each time I post a new entry.
So from Bluetooth access point and wi-fi network in my home to Bluetooth GPS and headset in my car and University wide - wi-fi at school. I never actually spend a day without being surrounded by devices using 2.4 GHz. I really hope there isn't any downside to being exposed to such Electromagnetic waves but we are in the wireless age or how else can I explain why - I can't listen to a regular CD and have to stream my mp3's from desktop to my pocket pc and then to my Sony hi-fi system- I can't sit at my desktop and use the mouse to select my playlist or play and pause Windows Media player- I can't use a USB cable to transfer my pictures from my cell phone- I can't publish to my blog from my desktop and hence never have to use my dell axim pocket pc- I can't print directions from mapquest before driving to my destination or better still get a paper map- I can't use a regular handsfree with a cord with my cellphone when driving- I can' t use a good old telephone with cords- Sit at my desktop and run my programs instead of using VNC with my pocket pc or control freak with my phone from less than 3 feet away. (Carly says that how far my bed is from my computer, infact we agreed if I spin around 180 degrees on my chair I really don't have to do any work to get from my bed to my computer).
I am beta testing my Click2Call web site that would give anyone who post comments on my blog free calls to the US and Canada. I would let you all know when it is up and running and I have a new domain Thanks for everyone that has supported me so far. Posted by Picasa


  • oh man, I wonder if there is any technology out there that you are not using. Does it really make the life easier or harder; keep updating with the new stuff all the time?
    anyways, hope to see you here in the lab. I'm gonna be working here all the time form now on... and I still like to see you around rather than finding you through the freaking wireless stuff
    by the way, congrad for your blog, it's very nice to see what you are up to when you don't show up in a long time ...
    wish you a very good time,
    have fun!

    By Anonymous Maryam, at January 22, 2006  

  • Kendall, u've got some cool stuff here. I am so happy for you.I love reading ur daily activities although you hav'nt been updating regularly. Your stuff is really really cool although some of it is hard to understand. Keep up the good work.

    By Blogger Joy, at January 23, 2006  

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