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Monday, March 06, 2006

Sitemeter : Coolest counter and site monitoring on the web

Sitemeter is a site where you can obtain JavaScript code for monitoring your site. IT includes counter and allows you analyze various information of the visitors to your website or your blog
The free version allows you to view your visitor's

1. Domain
2. IP Address
3. ISP
4. Location
5. Operating System
6. Browser
7. Screen resolution of monitor
8. Referring URL
9. Search Engine used and search words
10. Time Zone
11. Entry and Exit pages and number of pages viewed

Integrating the code into your site or blog is a simple copy and paste and you can configure the meter to ignore your own visits to your website (you are usually the most loyal visitor) based on either IP or storing a cookie on your computer.
The information received can be analyzed by detail, referrals, location and entry and exit pages.


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