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Monday, February 20, 2006

Spoofing your Caller ID and the gender of your voice

I actually tried out Spoofcard a few weeks ago and I have decided to blog about it.
Spoofcard allows you to spoof or masquerade your caller id to any number in North America at this time but there are plans to allow international calls in the future.
The site also allows you to specify what you want your default caller id to be or during the call you can set a new caller id.
The cool thing about it is also allows you change the gender of your voice so you can select your voice to be either a computer synthesized male or female voice. The voice is actually very realistic and can fool almost anyone.
The web panel allows the whole conversation is recorded and you can download the conversation as a wave file when you log on to your account after the conversation. The cheapest calling card is $10 USD and it gives you 60 minutes of “Spoofing time” and you even get a buck for each individual you refer to Spoofcard.


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