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Thursday, May 31, 2007

A2billing releases version 1.3

Asterisk2billing just released version 1.3 of its popular Asterisk billing/calling card application made popular because it comes bundled with Trixbox.

Most of its modules have been rewritten and some of the new features include:
  • Invoicing,
  • Template management with Smarty
  • New online payment modules for Moneybookers and in addition to the existing Paypal module
  • The rate engine now supports unlimited calling packages.
  • Additional reporting functions for High or Low ASR (Answer Seize Ratio), ALOC (Average Length of Call) and CIC (Consecutive Incomplete Calls) and many other new features.
The admin and customer demo can be found at and remember to create a customer in the admin demo to be able to log on to the customer demo.

One feature that is still conspicuously missing is a reseller module but with more contributions from other developers with the source code has been provided by Public SVN many more features are sure to be added. The code can be checked out at


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