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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Microsoft's Surface Computing

Microsoft just launched its new "Surface" technology which is a touch sensitive table that responds to hand movements and displays anything from pictures, videos and maps.
The UI is really great and from the Microsoft surface site you see various possibilities:

  • Transfer music, videos and business cards between phones, pda's and the tables or even between electronics devices placed on the table.
  • View pictures and watch videos.
  • Pay for goods with your credit card placed on the table.
  • Order items from a menu.
  • Get directions and search for local businesses on the maps and transfer these directions to your handheld.
  • Make paintings on the table tops.

Its pretty much extending your computer desktop to your physical desktop. The only drawback is having to lean over the table top which could become a problem after leaning over the table for extended periods, I am sure in the future the table tops wold be able to tilt to about 30 degrees to ease the strain on the back. It isn't cheap at all as early adopters would be sure to cough out between $5k to $10K and one of the first users will be Caesar's palace in Vegas and their order is expected to arrive in the last quarter of '07.

Once again the site is


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