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Monday, March 06, 2006

RIM- Now they have settled, is it back to business as usual?

Research In Motion Limited or RIM for short is a Canadian mobile device company with its headquarter in Waterloo, Ontario. RIM is famous for its blackberry first introduced in 1999 and allows users to be able to send and receive e-mails, text messages, browse the web and recently make and receive phone calls. The ability to send and receive e-mails on the fly has made the blackberry not only a popular but has also made it addictive.
Rim has currently settled a patent suit with NTP for $620.00 Million dollars and this guarantees that its operations are not hampered in the US which is where presently they have their largest market share. But one thing of note is while going through the dispute papers is that RIM made mention of the fact that their e-mails served to clients in the United States go through their servers in waterloo. Does this imply that e-mails served to the Congress or the White House officials have to go through Waterloo, unlikely I think but I believe that the US government would have done their due diligence on the security implications of this.
Not withstanding RIM is looking to improve their share capital and satisfy investors, hence the need to have settled rather than play Russian roulette with the bread and butter of their business operations in the US. But competitors are springing up everywhere from Nokia, Motorola, PalmOne, Visto, Seven and Good Technology, and it will be interesting how each player would be seeking to ensure that the popular AOL phrase "you 've got mail" is served to consumers on their platform.


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