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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Software design process

I got this picture as an email (don't know who or where the source is) and it just reminded me of the whole software design process
1. How the customer explained it a.k.a Design Specification
This is the first stage in the process, and starts with the end user requests, the customer explains what he or she wants the software to do or achieve

2. How the project leader understood it and the Analyst designed it a.k.a Problem Analysis and Logic design
At this stage the project leader based on the information obtained from the requirement specification tries to find out what exactly needs to be done and how it is to be done using flowcharts, pseudo code.

3. How the programmer wrote it
Yeah after the analyst tired to design a nice system the programmer comes up with the code and form the picture u see he usually misses the boat but not as much though

4. How the project was documented
Anyone who has written code before, would know that documentation is just a necessary evil and if it wasn't compulsory 9 out of 200 programmers won't document their code but when you inherit code from another programmer without documentation you would wish there was better documentation

5. How the customer was billed
:) This customer was billed for a roller coaster whereas what he actually got implemented was pole pivoted at one end...well the software company has got to pay bills, live up to the expectations of its investors so I would even say these guys were moderate.

6. Support Support Support
I would class this with support after the product goes life and code maintenance. Clearly always limited ornon existent

7. What the customer really needed
Wow.. clearly so far of from what was understood, designed and implemented and he paid a lot


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