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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Emoze - Free email push software and blackberry killer

Emoze from Isreali company emblaze is a FREE global Push E-mail service for mobile devices which will push send your E-mails and calendar and task data to you anywhere your mobile device is connected.
The personal edition connects to Outlook and pushes any new (POP) email or changes to your PIM data directly to the mobile device without storing the information on any server provided the client and desktop side software are connected to the emoze server.
The server only authenticates the desktop and mobile device and communication then takes off directly.
The server side software uses only 9M of system resources and its download size is slightly less than a Megabyte.

There is also a corporate edition but I haven’t tested it that works with Exchange.

Devices currently supported are:
AnexTEK - SP230
Asus - P505
Audiovox - PPC4100, PPC6600, XV6600
BenQ - P50
Cyberbank - POZ CB-0870, POZ CP-X301
Dell Axim X3, X50, X51
Daxian Telecom - CU928
Dopod - 696, 699, 700, 818
E-TEN - M500, P300, P300B, P700
HP - iPAQ h6315, h6320/6325, h6340, hw6500 Mobile Messenger, hw6510c, hw6515
i-Mate - JAM, PDA2, PDA2K, Pocket PC
Lenovo - ET960
Nokia - 6630, 6680
O2 - Xda II, Xda II mini, Xda Iii, Xda IIs
Orange - SPV M1000, SPV M2000, SPV M3000
Qtek - 1010, 2020, 9090
Samsung - M400/M4000, SCH-i730, SGH-i700
Siemens - SX66
Sprint - PPC 6600/6601
Telefonica movistar - TSM500
T-Mobile - MDA Compact, MDA III
Unitech Elictronics - PA950

Currently only Outlook is supported but from their email they promise to support outlook express and Lotus Notes.
The client software connects quickly and doesn’t take up a lot of memory which is rarely sufficient for a mobile device and it can be set up to load on startup. Posted by Picasa


  • Cool application; suited for business people in mind...what's cooler is it's compatibility with other PDA's/Smartphones as

    By Anonymous Don, at April 23, 2006  

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