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Monday, March 13, 2006

Super secret apple rumours

A funny comic strip, part of the backlash from the apple conference a few weeks ago where an over priced leather carrying case and speakers for the iPod was announced along with the Mac mini running on Intel processors
The hype usually surrounding the release of any apple product because of the high expectations people place on their products turned out to be the release of already widely available cheaper third party products and (lest I forget to add, they are not even as good as those already available) . This shows that if you are up there the only way you are allowed to go is up. Microsoft created the same effect with Origami band Tivo too, thus the only way to release a product is to follow suit, gone are the days when a simple press release would suffice or just shipping your product to retail shops, instead the norm now is to make sure your would-be customers as anxious as possible that way they preorder without even seeing or waiting for reviews of the products.

P.S. Ideas for the 6-G iPod
- 3.7" screen
- iTunes support for WMA enclosures
- Bluetooth capability to enable sharing of playlists, pictures, uploading of podcasts via bluetooh access points, push to talk with other ipod users and a nice internal mic and also listening to online radio stations
- peg the maximum volume to acceptable levels to reduce hearing loss; infact if you do any investing now do so in companies who manufacture hearing aids you dont need CNBC's Cramer to tell you that.


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