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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Frappr - Map the location of your friend, classmates, alumni

Frappr (Friend Mapper) from Rising Concepts is a social networking site that allows you to map the current location of groups of people.
The Frappr site states that ……….. “lets you see the zip code where your friends live or work, letting you find out who works in the office building next door and who lives in the apartment complex across the street.”
And the Wikipedia stub says…………“is a Web 2.0 website, currently in beta, which makes use of the Google Maps API. The site allows users of online communities to pin themselves on a map, and see other members location”

Like any other social networking site. You can send messages to one another and the email address of the users are not revealed. The sign up process is fast, you need is the current location and an email address and after registering you can join other Frappr groups or set up your own group.
One other cool feature that makes the sign up process painless is the predictive location feature that provides a variety of locations for you based on the first few characters of the city you are located in, and just in case your city isn’t in the drop down list, as id elink allows you to inform the site’s administrator. You can also apply tags to the group formed, so members can search and find the group easily.
The site is perfect for alumni groups and the maps can be easily integrated into your website as a button or thumbnail of the actual map.


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