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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Configuring Express Talk SIP Softphone from NCH Sound

This is a step-by-step tutorial on installing and configuring the Express Talk SIp Softphone from NCH . This SIP softphone size is only 700k and it supports calling from 4 phone lines using any of the following codecs GSM, uLaw, ALaw and PCM and it uses about 5MB of memory when running

Hardware required:
For audio: A sound card.......comes with every computer these days
For communication:
- A good microphone and external speakers for handsfree operation
- Or a good headset (headphones and microphone), can be obtained from any electronics store

Download the file from the link above. From the 1st screen select “Run"

In the next screen select click "Run" when the Internet Explorer - Security warning appears

Next when the Windows Security Alert window Appears. Click Unblock. This step is the most important if missed, will require some above average knowledge to unblock the program

In the next screen click "Next" except you have a USB phone then you can change the "Audio Input Channel to your USB phone.

In the next screen "Sound and Playback Volume" . Click "Next" if you can hear the test announcement

In the next screen "Talk Mode and Audio Quality options". Under Communication Device. Select the button "Use microphone and speakers (turn echo cancellation on" if you are using an external microphone and speakers. If you have a headset or USB phone then select "Use a headset (turn echo cancellation off). Click "Next"

In the next screen leave the default selection "Yes, I already have a sip account". Click "Next".

In the next screen "Sip Account Details" enter your Sip Account Details.
For example under “Friendly Display Name” enter any name,
Then under “Sip Account Number or User Name)” enter the username provided to you and under SIP Server enter your server name e.g.
and under “SIP Password” enter the password provided to you. (The password isn’t entered twice so make sure you enter it correctly).
Click "Finish".

The final step is the Firewall Autoconfiguration and provided you unblocked the program at the third step, You should be able to connect to the SIP server using your account details. Click "OK"


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