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Friday, May 19, 2006

Dell appoints AMD for high end users

I have just heard that Dell computers have decided to use AMD microchips in making systems for their high end users.This only reiterates the latest trend that we are seeing which is Intel, loosing more of its market share to Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).I remember reading last month that Paul Otellini,the CEO of Intel revealing plans to restructure the company to not only meet with current demands but also for future challenges as its competitors,chief among then being AMD are seiously pushing them to the limits.His restructuring I believe includes the standard practices of cutting costs and evaluating staff, and then looking within for organic growth in the hope of presiding over a leaner and meaner organisation.I say Paul Otellini,I wish you all the best because growing up, I actually thought there weren`t any other microchip makers other than Intel.


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